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The Project

Total Properties hired us to design an entire gated community spanning 84 acres of land. This will be the largest subdivision in the City of Ruston. We have worked through every stage of the project which has included the following:
• Coordination with the City of Ruston Planning and Zoning departments
• Coordination with professional surveyor
• Drainage impact analysis
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
• Design work
• Drafting construction drawings
• Determining material quantities for total project cost
• Coordination with contractor
• Construction quality assurance

Our design included the following:
• 5 detention ponds for this project
• Stormwater and sanitary sewer networks
• Utility layout
• Overall site plan
• Grading
• Erosion control
• All other construction drawings required by the DHH, DOTD, and the City of Ruston.
The geometric design is state of the art with loaded alley which will make it pedestrian friendly.

The Outcome

We first met with Total Properties to present our approach to their proposed needs. As with all of our clients, it’s essential to be on the same page. After the budget and proposal were approved, we got to work.

Now, we love what we do, and before we knew it, we were knee-deep in functional designs. As always, we made sure to keep Total Properties in the loop as we progressed.

We then prepared several documents to send to the city for approval. This included our design for the drainage network, a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), DOTD permit, and a grading permit.

Because this land overlaps that of a protected wetland, we designed unique solutions to minimize impact on this wildlife habitat. From our drainage designs to our approach in actually developing the land, the neighboring wetlands are one of our top considerations.

The Outcome

This project began in 2015 and is ongoing to this day, but construction for stage 1 is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2018.
Our client has been so pleased with us so far that they have already selected us to design two more subdivisions in North Louisiana.