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About Us

Looking back over the 10 years we’ve been in business and the 200+ projects we’ve completed, I’m happy to see we still accomplish with every client what we set out to do from the beginning -

Provide a personal experience for the engineering process.

The problems we overcome here are often complex, but we do our best to explain every step of the process with our clients.
Neal Deforest, PE

About Neal

Neal graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2001 and received state licensure in 2007. A former resident of Bastrop, he now runs DeForest Engineering Consultants, LLC out of Ruston, LA.

License Information

Professional Engineer: License No. 33594 DeForest Engineering Consultants, LLC: License No. 3836 License lookup

About Neal





Phone: 318.255.7077

Cell: 318.548.6711